Albert Einstein once stated that “education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” While Einstein’s words may have been intended only in good humor, they aptly reflect the fact that effective education is, indeed, something that wants constant learning, and is constantly evolving.

We are in teaching since 2007 & have been providing services to the students at all levels.

At EXCEL ACADEMY we believe in Quality Education that helps students to understand basic concepts & knowledge behind every topic which will help them to excel in their field so that they can justify their profession. We also believe in Delivering the Results so that the students can achieve / fulfil their dreams / goals.

Our vision is to provide education to all at affordable prices and in as simple manner as the student can understand it quickly & easily and will retain it for a long period of time.

Because of the demand, we feel to have an institution that will help students to get all the details regarding all subjects in a single place.

From our side we assure complete support and assistance to all the students in their endeavour to excel but it also requires efforts & high level of commitment and dedication to achieve it.

We ensure :

  1. Comprehensive coverage of varieties of questions (Practical and theoretical)
  2. Providing printed notes on all the subjects, well prepared by experience faculties.
  3. Enrolment of limited number of students in each batch
  4. Class-room discussion and participation.
  5. Special techniques on “How to solve practical problems”
  6. Special classes on theoretical topics
  7. Revision of every topics of every subjects.
  8. Flexible timing
  9. Free test series for all the subjects and comprehensive feedback to each and every student
  10. Availability of separate and focused interaction with students missing out the classes because of universities exams and other contingencies